A few comments about the Love Squeeze compressor

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A few comments about the Love Squeeze compressor

I've been messing around with the Love Squeeze circuit and I thought it would be useful to share a few things.

The most important stuff here are the diodes and the FET.

1)Diodes. They set in some way the threshold and compression. The lower the Vf the higher the compression. The original unit uses BAT43s, which are SMD. I got some BAT43 and they are 260mV. I wouldn't recommend going much higher. With a Vf around 360mV you lose a very noticeable amount of compression. 1N5817 are 200mV and to me don't sound as good as the BAT43.

2)FET. Different manufactures give different results. The unit made by Fairchild doesn't go above unity, and at medium or high comp settings it will set a little below unity with the vol pot cranked. However the unit made by CEN works great. A good amount of boost is available with it and I don't here any different regarding sound quality. You can get this one at musikiding.com (Germany).

The threshold mod: swap the 10k out of Opamp pin 6 for a 10k pot. Actually it is useful to put a small resistor (1k) instead of the 10k resistor and then add the pot in series. It works really well

Now you can really squish!

The opamp doesn't seem to matter.

Well that's it :)