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Silver Blues
Nah dude this thread is stickied for exactly this reason.

I also feel bad for howling laughing at your post. I feel your pain though. I haven't built anything in a month or two but the last few pedals I've made have had something dumb happen to them as well. The Barbershop I just finished sounds bomb but there's some awful switch pop on it, and I am using my usual relay bypass board (which has never popped before) and there's a 2M2 pulldown on the input, thus I can't understand why the fuck it's popping but I left it alone because I wasn't in the mood. Then there's the Doom Bloom where I plug my bass in and the nut holding the input jack strips right out and buries the jack inside the pedal. Wtf. Or the Bearfoot Blueberry from ages ago that developed an intermittent jack shorting issue, but there's so much trash crammed into that box that I'd rather just jiggle the cable than open her up to fix it.

Knowing when to quit is good. I have a problem where I just get really mad and blame myself for stuff like what you went through, happening to me with work right now. But once you get past that and think about it you just have to laugh.

Good luck to you though, hopefully you can get it sorted
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