Boss DS-2 vero layout! Finally?

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Boss DS-2 vero layout! Finally?

The Boss DS-2 is very different from the Boss DS-2.
It's a famous pedal to get some of the sound of John Frusciante or Kurt Cobain.
It's a cheap pedal but with a very articulated schematic, too much big and complicated to build when we could buy an original one, new or used.
But I don't buy pedals!

Nobody built it, and nobody drawn a layout. I guess.
I did it!

I redrawn the schematic excluding the bypass buffers and the bypass system. I simplified the power supply part.
I have some doubt about R22 and R34 in my schematic, because I think that could be jumpered.

Original schematic:

Simplified schematic:

I didn't built it, I don't know if I will, but I checked the layout a lot of time, and it seems ok.

The Turbo II Mode is missing. I would like to add a daughter board, but I still can't understand how that circuit is connected to the main. I need some help, please.
I build pedals