DS-1 KEELEY mod parts identified on vero

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DS-1 KEELEY mod parts identified on vero

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hi, please don't freak out, this is NOT a bad joke, ruining a beautiful layout! :)

this is a working copy of Mirosol's layout (which I "photoshopped" using GIMP), identifying  the parts to be replaced for the Keeley mod

ugly or not, I thought it could be helpful to have such a "map" at hand :)

excuse me for the childish / ugly drawings, but the point is only to securely identify the parts to be changed...
these cover the first 8 steps of the mod...

the original blog post (which we all know in the DS-1 world :)):

thnks again to Mirosol for the cool working layout...

and here is the basic post by Brett Miller and Muhammad Iqbal:

great thanks to them, as well as to Robert Keeley :) :)