Dual Effect Wiring Question - DPDT + 3PDT

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Dual Effect Wiring Question - DPDT + 3PDT

Hey All,

I'm just finishing up a dual build consisting of Dead Astronauts CHASM Reverb and the DEEP BLUE DELAY.

As I'm planning out the enclosure wiring, I realized I can't follow the "Dual Effect Guide" in the Offboard section since the CHASM layout uses a DPDT instead of a 3PDT.

Is there anything I need to pay attention to here, or is it simply just wiring the output of the CHASM to the input of the DBD footswitch?

OR...do I just leave out the footswitch for the DBD, and use the "Mix" control to adjust the DBD effect signal (which would just keep the DPDT on the CHASM to turn the entire box on/off).

Thanks for any assistance!