Early Christmas Present is Awesome!

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Early Christmas Present is Awesome!

I can't speak to how long this heated de-soldering pump will last, or how easy/challenging cleaning it will be, but so far it has been awesome!

You hold the tool in a "pulp fiction" type stabbing motion, with your thumb at the button, the heated hollow tip is placed directly on the solder joint. rotate it around the joint slightly and press the button with your thumb. Done. Components pull right out of the stripboard, and you're left with a clean pad.

Ever try to remove a component from a pcb with a standard pump and soldering iron? No thanks.

This thing works like a charm. The trick is to follow the same steps above, but feed a little solder to the tip/joint just before pushing the button. You can hear the air whistle through the pcb pad as the solder gets sucked up. A little wiggle and the component comes out. Not as easy as stripboard, may need to repeat a couple times, but has worked every time.

Time to strip out my fail collection.
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