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Fulltone FullDrive 2 Mosfet

Last week I ordered two kits from Bitsbox as it is approaching my birthday! Happy birthday to me came in a package containing a Skreddy P19 and a Fulltone FullDrive 2 Mosfet kit. I set about building them as a front end to my guitar sound. I have an LP std 2002 and a USA Strat. std.
The P19 kit was completed first with the Fulltone FullDrive 2 Mosfet the following evening and they worked straight off the iron and I have to say are they are just awesome.
The P19 is a playground of sounds, forget the 3 controls on the box and using the volume and tone controls on my LP, I dial in for a sweet spot. Then on the P19 dial again to heighten the sound this can be repeated back and forth and you see that it delivers some incredible sounds that are not apparent until you actually listen and tinker.
The Fulldrive 2 also has a great pallet of colours to select from and then so many sweet spots to dial into. I am only just beginning to explore them individually and I have had a quick test with them both together (P19 first) and they sound ok but I did not have time to explore fully.

I have also adjusted pairs of resistors to the LED's so that I do not get a searing dot on my cornea instead a pleasantly lit LED when the effect is on and when when the effect is off I have a very dim light showing where the footswitches are.

They are being enclosed in BB & B1590 paint marbled boxes (yet another fun packed evening!)

I would appreciate any advice on solutions to placing lettering one these cases, before a final lacquer coating please. Or if anyone has any advice on the pairing of these two pedals. I would be very interested in hearing your findings.

I will add more as I explore.