Graphics and water slide decals?

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Re: Graphics and water slide decals?

Thanks for the kind words!
And yeah, i did the graphics. My dayjob is to decorate cars, signs, shirts and what not.
It also includes alot of graphicdesign. So im really used to applying decals and stuff :D
Never had any issues with water under the decal, might be because of my dayjob haha.
Looking forward trying to drill it after the clearcoats, might not stick togheter if it's the way you say.
Im always using maskingtape and put it allover the box to avoiding any scratches on it while drilling.
And yeah, i also have a benchdrill which makes it alot easier.
Also using a punch first on all the markers on it to get exact startingpoints for the drilling part.
Might do a guide for my routines, everyone should do really to share their tips and tricks :)
I've found several tricks which makes the process less painful and im more then ahppy to share them.