Great used part seller over on Ebay...

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Great used part seller over on Ebay...


Just wanted to share this cool dude from eBay....


I scored 1000 of his 2N3019 for 80$! in the old fat TO-39 metal can package he has a bunch more and available in smaller quantities if you aren't a hoarder like me hahaha!! They sound great in Fuzz pedals Everything I have tested has been 130HFE and above. They sound great in a Muff for the gain stages and Fuzz faces of course....

these are what I picked up...

 There is a pile of old Jfets on there too.... just search around his shop he has new old stuff capacitors, resistors things added all the time.

He likes to make deals too so don't be afraid to make offer. Hence my mountain of transistors. I rarely recommend eBay people but I have ordered from him a couple times and he ships priority USPS so I get the stuff in 2 days which is a huge plus over my china orders.

Rock on! stay fuzzy...


aka Built by Ryan
aka Frederickpdog