How to post clickable links in the blog comments

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How to post clickable links in the blog comments

I know a few guys will know how to do this but I've seen plenty of people just posting links as plain text, if you want to make them clickable Blogger lets you use the <a> tag.  I know that the forum automatically converts text links into hyperlinks but for some reason (probably to cut down on spam) Blogger doesn't convert them in the comments.  Here's an example:

<a href="">Text that will be displayed for the link</a>

The text after href= in quotations marks is the website you want to link to and the text in between the <a> and </a> is what's called the anchor text and is what will be displayed as the clickable link.  Sorry to anyone who already knows this, I know it'll seem like I'm stating the obvious but I thought it might be useful for anyone who's not had experience with coding html.  It's a little more long winded than just copy and pasting a url in but it makes it a lot easier for everyone else to check out the site you're posting.

P.S. Don't copy the text from above to try this out as I've had to use a special character to replace < to stop the forum from displaying the example as a link.