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Kay / Univox Effector

Layout is based on old incomplete "schematic" and way too much time staring at pics.

Switching has been described as follows: When Tremelo/Wah and Echo are on, the Tremelo is activated. When Tremelo/Wah and Whirlwind are on, and ECHO is off, the Wah is activated. Echo, Fuzz, Whirlwind have their own effect(?)

The original effect was onboard a Teisco-type guitar. To mimic the phase switch inverting one of the two single coil pickups, I laid out a buffered phase inverter. The input signal goes through a buffer and out to the effect. When the Phase switch is toggled, the signal is split and one side goes to a phase inverter which then connects back to the other signal. The summed signal then goes to the volume knob and output.

I also included a separate powerboard to filter the power and supply each switch with an on/off led.