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Maestro MPF-1 N I G H T M A R E

Hi. I'm having problems with the Maestro mpf-1:

It sounds, yes. But the signal is not boosted at all even with the height pot at max. I get unity or even below unity.

The voltages at both tl022 are ok. Here the 4007:


1: 0v
2: 6.3v
3: 3.2v
4: 0v
5: 0v
6: 6.8v
7: 0v

14: 9.2v
13: 2.6v
12: 5v
11: 7.6v
10: 5v
9: 1.6v
8: 0v

The freq pot works, as well as the switches. It's just that the signal is weak.

I've used an audio probe test and found that at pin 13 the signal is pretty loud, boosted. But after the 22k
resistor it drops a lot to the weak levels.

I tried another 4007 without luck and I'm going crazy. I don't know what to do. I've checked everything several times.

God, most annoying build ever. The bottom  022 does the freq pot thing right and the top  022 is the one in charge of  the boost. It boost it a little, but like I said: the signal after the 22k  is weak.

Any help really appreciated.