Moving effect from chain to amp's loop

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Moving effect from chain to amp's loop

So, I stumbled upon this and thought I'd share :)

A while ago I was building a triple effect for a friend (OD > Boost > Delay) and he asked me if we could have the delay send to the amp's loop. I knew it was do-able but I also knew there was gonna be too much wiring required to do so. I was pretty stoked on figuring out switches and routing back then I actually devised a way. Never used it, saw it again today.

Again, what we trying to do here is have the delay normally wired in the enclosure with two effects before it and be able to move it out of the box and into the amp's loop while the other two effects normally work in the enclosure. I have in my stash some of these stereo jacks, each operating two dpdt switches when the plug is in/out, they were the perfect thing to have for this job. Top drawing is how the jacks should be wired, bottom depicts how the dpdt switches work when you plug/unplug and it is there only for informative reasons :)  

Any input on this idea is welcome, I'm not really an expert around amps and loops ;)

In theory it seems to work, don't know how it would actually act out if used.
Not to mention it is kinda bonkers to do a triple effect and then have one of the effects moved to the amp's loop.