New Enclosures Day!

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New Enclosures Day!

I was having a pretty shite day today.. until these arrived :D

1590Bs and 1590As from  I ordered 5 of each size from their blemished ones.  I've ordered blemished enclosures from them in the past and they've generally been decent, plus I don't mind a ding here or there on my own pedals.  Gives them a "loved" look :D  These two batches, however, are pristine.  No dings, scuffs, or anything else I can find.  One of them had an aluminum shaving stuck to it, but after a bit of fingernail, there's not a mark left on the enclosure.

I haven't done any 1590A builds yet, but I have done quite a few 1590B pedals, and I love the size.  125Bs are definitely my second favorite when I need a little more room to cram stuff in.  After seeing some 1590A builds form you folks, I got jazzed about it, especially since I'm all about conserving pedal board real estate. :D

I gotta say, I wasn't expecting a bubblegum pink enclosure... I guess I should start boxing some of the stuff up, eh?