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Non-working Bassballs

Morning all,

Last night I finished my 2nd project with great hopes, however all I got was a DI sound mixed with a rather feint hi-freq filtered sound, and nothing else. Pots are not changing anything either. I've followed the below project. Also the dist. switch (which is an on/on, 3-pin switch) totally kills the sound when switched on one side.

This project seems the same as the schematics on PedalPCB and the Mad Bean's Slurpee. The only difference between Slurpee is the 100n cap between + and - lines. There were some flaws with the original stripboard design above, and I fixed them by tracing everything one by one (and reported the author to do so, you can see the dirtbox posts). I'm adding the PDF file I've redrawn, renamed the parts, and proof-traced everything according to Slurpee below link just to be clear.

Even now, C11&C12 caps should be exchanged with C9&10, but that's not a big deal for now I believe.

I've measured the voltages for both ICs, which are;

IC-1 (MC 1458P)

1- 4,52
2- 4,52
3- 4,42
4- 0
5- 0
6- 7,53
7- 8,54
8- 9,05

IC-2 (JRC 4558)

1- 4,52
2- 4,52
3- 4,51
4- 0
5- 4,53
6- 4,51
7- 4,5
8- 9,05

It's the very same problem that some had in here; but there's no clear answer about the solution

I've used 2n5088 transistors (and tried on both ways), not helped. ICs are also the same, and so are the diodes, pots, and everything. The switch is an SPDT on-on.
These are the corrections I've made, yet I got no result.

Here are some pictures (don't mind the 2n2219, the pinout is the same, just there for trial purposes)

Any help would be most appreciated!