‘OD808HW’ (tagboard maxon od808)

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‘OD808HW’ (tagboard maxon od808)

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when i became aware that there were layouts available for a tagboard ts808, i was intrigued and then discovered this was based on a limited ‘ts808hw’ tagboard + true bypass design that ibanez released for mega bucks.
i then set out to design a tagboard layout for the maxon od808 (much prefer this over the ts808), since it didn’t appear that anyone had done a tagboard layout for one yet.

schematic used:

layout-full image:

it has been built. it is verified. fits into a 1590BB2.

sounds pretty much/exactly the same as the veroboard version i did using the same schematic.

(i subsequently ended up changing the ‘last’ opamp to TL072, sounds better to my ears)