Original SD9 traced. Could someone help me change the original layout?

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Original SD9 traced. Could someone help me change the original layout?

Hi there good people that can hopefully help me...

I have built a SD9 for someone. He loves his pedal and wanted a backup. I built it last year, but it did not sound identical. I have read that some of the capacitor values could be off, mainly that the 47uf should be 0.47uf but built it as it was on the layout. It had too much gain and was way more muffled. I built the bufferless one cause that layout has 4 polarized capacitors just like the original. Back then I asked him to check the polorized caps and give me the values. Some were off. I have changed the 22uf to 10uf and the top 47uf in the layout to a 0.47uf. It sounded a lot more like the original but not yet.

He gave me the original to check. I have found out that the tone pot is a 20KB. The volume is a 100KB.

I have changed that but there's still a difference. The original lacks some body and gain and therefore is more clear. When I AB them you just feel like you miss something when switching to the original. But it does open up. It is more hifi for a lack of a better word. You lose some muddiness. And it has a nice saggyness. In the Kalamazoo it is described as glass.

So, me and my noobness opened up the original, scanned it and decided to use gimp to get put in the values. I realize this looks like sh*t, but I hope you can help me. I read all the values and painted them in. Could someone who knows what he or she is doing see what I need to change in the layout to make it match the real one? Or is the difference just because of the buffer?

I don't know if anyone would want to use this to ' correct'  the main layout. Maybe this version is just different?

Anyway, I hope someone can say: When you change these values in the layout on the main page, it will be like the original. Maybe that's too much to ask. In that case I'm sorry. I don't really know what I'm doing here.

This is the one I built: http://tagboardeffects.blogspot.com/2012/02/maxon-ibanez-sd9-sonic-distortion.html

And this is my amateur ' trace'. The values are 100% correct though. Except for the tantalum thing in the left bottom (light blue). I could read .22+ and 35 underneath it.

And the one I didn't paint over: