Ouput ONLY - distortion toggle switch.

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Ouput ONLY - distortion toggle switch.

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Hey all!

Quick question that i'm sure can be answered easily...

I have an atari punk console box (output only, there is no input) that I want to add distortion to, but I want the distortion on a toggle switch.  I know I don't need a 3PDT switch for this, but I'm unsure what kind of switch to use or how to wire it up so I can toggle the distortion on and off without turning of the console.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT:  I may be over thinking this...I'm pretty sure I just need a SPDT switch with the APC attached to the middle lug, and then one of the outer lugs on the switch going to output jack.  The other outer lug on the switch attaches to the distortion input, and then distortion output to output jack.