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Peavery Classic 30 jfet version

It's been a while I'm looking for some overdrive circuit jfet based on. And I don't know where I found this schematic:

It's the jfet version of the Peavey Classic 30 schematic.
I started to work with the emulator software, and I found it has a peak around 1kHz that cause maybe a lack of treble, at higher Gain setting and the Volume (that blend) goes down.
Then I found a difference with the original amp schematic. R and C should be 10k and 15nF. This smooth that mid peak and make it more flat.

Original schematic amp:

Some of its small coupling caps cut some low end, so a good option coulbe be make one of them switchable.

I added the Post control, too. Not sure how much important it is.
The jfet schematic doesn't include any tone stack, so I added the orginal one, even if I don't like too much amp tone stack in pedal.
Anyway, the original tone stack works, theorically, as I expected: poor actions, controls interact with each other, etc... but the switch on the eq seems interesting: it cut treble and should give to the sound a mid hump.

The schematic I drawn includes in alternative a modified flat Big Muff tone with mid control. Not necessary to use both.

Because the volume loss after the tonestack I replicate the last jfet stage, slighlty modified to avoid too much boost.

I hope I'll try it soon on breadboard.
I build pedals