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We are happy to help you out with any debugging issues you may have. But, in order to get help and avoid any confusion you need to include the following:

1 - the name of the pedal you're working on, as well as the actual layout (could just be a link to the layout location on the site). we need to see what the board & wiring should look like so we can compare your work to it.

2 - clear & readable pictures: we need to be able to see you're work clearly to be able to see if there's a misplaced component, wrong value component, poor wiring, etc. if we can't see what you did it's hard to help you.

3 -  a clear description of the problem: Ex: i have signal when the pedal is bypassed, but when the pedal is engaged there is no signal, or the pedal has low output and doesn't get to unity volume, etc.

4 - voltages: we need to know the voltages for the transistors or IC's in the pedal, with each leg labeled properly. if you don't know what leg is what (base/collector/emitter for transistors, numbered legs for IC's) just search google by typing in "_________ pinout" of "_________ datasheet" where the "_________" is the name of the transistor or IC.

5 - be patient: as hard as it may be, don't get frustrated. we all make mistakes, no matter how many times we've built pedals, sometimes it just takes another set of eyes, or just walking away for a bit to figure it out.