Smallest Whiskier Biscuit layout

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Smallest Whiskier Biscuit layout

Friend: Hello, I found this layout, it's too much bigger for my project, can you draw it a bit smaller?

Me: Sure. Like that?
Friend:  Yeah, I don't know. Can you squeeze it a little bit?
Me: Well... I guess. Here it is.
Friend:  Great! But... can you squeeze it a little bit?
Me: It's not easy, but I could try. I did it!
Friend:  It's awesome! Just... squeeze it a little bit. Just a little.
Me: I don't think it's possible... give me a second. Wow, I did it! Impossible squeeze it more.

Friend: You're a genius! Thank you. I want it in a Big Muff size box, please.

Based on a invented story.

Hello guys.
I never built a Whiskier Biscuit, but I often thought about a Big Muff style fuzz circuit but smaller. So I tried to make a smaller layout (not really my layout, I started from the ROG), and I added a 1N5817 polarity protection, a 100uF noise filter cap and a 1M pull down resistor.
And, though that story is not real, I tried to make smaller that layout, then a little bit, then a little bit, until I drawn it like that.

It's NOT verified, and I'm not going to build it, not so soon. Maybe I could use a 1590G box just because I have some or a 1590B, maybe with some features I want to try before build it, like the tone bypass or simply a mid boost/flat/scooped mode or both. I'll try some gain control, too.

With some ability you can put it in a 1590A box.
I build pedals