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Sparkle Mini booster layout

The TC Electronics Sparkle Mini Booster is a cheap pedal, but very appreciated. I can't find any layout but a protoboard version (verified, but I guess the pot is reversed), so I tried to draw a veroboard layout of this well known booster.

Here's the schematic:

Here's my UNVERIFIED layout:

In the schematic there's no filter cap in the VB, but I accommodated my layout to add a 47uF cap between the VB and the ground.
I used the 1N5817, but I think a 1N4001 should be fine.

I want to add something about the protoboard version.
- I said it is verified (we can find it on Effects Layout blog), but the pot is 500k instead 100k. Using a 500k pot the boost is over the 20db declared by TC Electornics. So I think the original pot should be the 100k.
- And the pot seems reversed, it might to be a mistake in the layout or in the schematic, or maybe because the transistors used: I found something strange in my emulation using different transistors, indeed the orientation changes with some transistors, but using BC549C and BC558C that should be fine like I planned.
- The 100nF used as filter is absent, and the diode is not in line with the 9v, but is across the ground.

Tell me if you see something wrong in my layout, I modified it five times before post it.
I build pedals