Those that have bought enclosures.

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Those that have bought enclosures.

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Those of you cool as fook cats that have bought enclosures, I'm working my nuts off to get them dispatched today, but it may have to run into tomorrow depending how I get on!!  

I'm going to be including some steel wool in the package.

They will need a wee bit of fettling to get rid of surface scratches & what nots!
I was going to try & do this for you, but I'm really not going to have enough time (it will require a reasonable amount of elbow grease).

I'm sorting through them as I pack & omitting the ones with gouges in, if you accidentally get a gougey one, let me know ASAP & I'll refund or replace!  

Please will you let me know once they've arrived dudes?  Much appreciated

And finally a big THANK YOU to those that have bought & will buy!
It is indeed most appreciated!  

Thanks guys!

It's better to have it & not need it, than to need it & not have it!