Wampler Black 65 mod help

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Wampler Black 65 mod help

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I made the Wampler Black 65 

I use it as a preamp followed by a TPA3118 power amp board, straight into a Jensen C12K Speaker.
The idea is to emulate an amp. To my surprise it sounds like heaven.

One small problem though. I really need more treble to be able to pass through. Most people wouldn't need this because they use the pedal into an amp, which already has pretty much all the treble they need.

Is there any way to achieve this?

(Oh and by the way... If anyone tries this, word of advice, use a Cornish buffer between the Wampler and the power amp, otherwise you get terrible hiss. Took me hours to figure this.)
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Re: Wampler Black 65 mod help

To whomever tries this out.
I don't need help anymore, but you may. So...
I figured what has to be done

In order for the Wampler to sound like a nice Fender preamp in front of the TPA 3118 power amp,
you need to tweak the following values:

1. The 5.6k Resistor (to the left of Q3) (Row C, hole 11), change that to about 27k

2. The 2.2nF right before treble 3, change that to 880pf

3. The 5.6k resistor of Q3 and Q4 should be about 13k if you want more volume
(keep the 5.6k resistors of Q1 and Q2 at 5.6k if you don't want so much overdrive so soon, otherwise change those as well)

If you change all those things, the Wampler will sound very good in front of a power amp and speaker cabinet. I don't think it will sound as well as a pedal anymore.

Also... choose your speaker carefully. Try to go for something that a stock deluxe reverb would have. Personally I went with the most stock thing I could find... A Jensen C12K. Might not be the best speaker in the world, but It does have that blackface thing.

Wish you the best! Good luck!