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Re: Which "Marshall in a Box"??

Apologies for bumping this but I was just watching this JHS video and the Prince of Tone / Bluesbreaker comparison at around 07:30 gave me a likkle idea:


since he has the dial settings the same on both pedals, it seems this could make quite a nice efficient 2-channel twofer with shared controls on dual gang pots.

My question is though, which do you think would be the best/easiest two circuits to throw together? Bearing in mind that I am quite lazy. MkI Bluesbreaker and Prince of Tone like this, or one of the Rocketts or a Marvel Drive, or a Shredmaster or what? Trouble is with the dual gang pots, the output would need to be comparable at same settings...

Or, is it better just to have two identical circuits with one feeding into the other, since in normal use the crunch channel would likely get left on when the heavier circuit kicks in?

If it helps at all, I used to have the Jackhammer pedal and the overdrive on that was very nice, although finicky to dial in because of the concentric pots. I sold it when I was skint one month then bought and tried the Mk II Guvnor from the same line and couldn't get on with it at all.