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Yack Fuzz -- YF-2 verified


Mirosol has made a layout for George Giblet's trace,
here: https://tagboardeffects.blogspot.com/2022/11/yack-yf-2-fuzz.html

this is for EBC transistor pinout,
no modification, except having moved down the 20nF cap's bottom row, so it'd have enough space for a foil cap (despite George made it clear, in the original it is ceramic),
this cause the 50K (here 51K) become shorter, spanning only one row.. (which was okay for me, cause I use 0,4W resistors)

in any case, it works...

but it is not perfect in my opinion...
the fuzz pot does little, it works, but the effect of turning it is very subtle...
the other thing is the bright switch: too bright

however, it is usable!

only I have to torn down the guitar's volume pot..
and then everything will work much nicer

I'm no fuzz expert -- yet :) -- but I think this sounds good in its not-bright setting...

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the 3,3nF bright route
the 3,3nF bright option doesn't sound good to me (I'm no expert),
so, either I'll change it to 6,8nF or "replace"set the switch with a potentiometer... (I'm no expert but I feel that it should be possible :))

as to the 20nF cap, I don't see that value.. so I used 2x 10nF's...
but either 18nF or 22nF should be good... or maybe a resistor value could be adjusted accordingly...

the gain / hfe of the transistors
the original (NOS) 2SC828s are available at this moment, still,
but the 2N3904 seems a good enough replacement, with hfe of 250 (measured with part tester LCR-t4)
but I think it should be tested with that 2N2222As too..
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the DYLC file is also attached