dod 210 2n5457 alternatives?

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dod 210 2n5457 alternatives?

Hi im just wondering what alternatives for the fet that i can use, especially those i have in my parts box :)

So i bought a component tester its called MTESTER theres several versions of it.

I had some turretboard and was trying to bulid the dod210 fet preamp and then seen the version here and its far less hassle to build one on strip board i figured i would build a few with my spare bits of board from other bulids saying its so small :)

So after going through my parts i only had one n5457 put it in the component tester and it showed up as
1,c 2e, 3b HFE 51.2k and uf 414mv

Then i went through the other bits in my box i had

2n3904 2n5088  1 E   bc238b 1C  and finally a few j112 which showed as 1D
                         2 B              2B                                                           2S
                         3 C              3E                                                           3G

Can i use any of these if i match the pins so for example a 2n5088 move pin 3 to hole 1 pin 1 to hole 2 and then pin 2 to hole 3

Or the j112 has the same pinout so a straight swap?

I have ordered some j113s just hoping i could use some of the parts i have already:)

thanks :)