roto effect, a hidden treasure

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roto effect, a hidden treasure


this: Phil Abbott's Lesslee ---
(the schematic picture is bigger if you open it in a new / individual tab)

where I live, in Budapest, the XR2206 is easily available,
and I'm really going to make this...
I can design a vero layout, but it takes someone who speaks the language of electronics :)

personally, I had a NUX mod core, and I sold it, and regret it badly ever since...
I love its phaser and tremolo and its roto "rotary" effect :)

to my taste, in general, the number of cuts should be below 30,
when I see complex layouts, I move on,
I believe this could be made simple..
although I've never laid out a circuit with 4 OAs, not to mention 6 :)

if it's too complex, I'll try to get a PCB layout somehow...

anyway, what do you think?
is it too big?


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Re: roto effect, a hidden treasure

This post was updated on .
           // UPDATED: now 2 versions, v1.5 and v1.6 .. and 1.7 are uploaded (and updated)...
I couldn't wait... (not for YOU :) but to see it...

I've made one layout, and it is 44 cuts... significantly more than I'd have liked to tolerate :)

BUT... cuts in a straight column don't frighten me ...
my fear is that
A. some cuts are not perfect which  can work on, give it two days and 6 sessions with an enlarger)
... and....  
B. that I'll make cuts at wrong places...

straight columns are fine :)

I mean, I consider this thing viable!

Oh, the size, yes! I was making sure that one dimension would be less than 22...
at which I've succeeded :)

I've not boxed to many circuits, I mean, I'm pretty new at it... I only know that either 23 or 22 is too many. for with in a 1059B... hence the 21 :)
5.6cm x 7.4 should be viable :)  28x21 (W/H)

Unfortunately, a voltage doubler is necessary, too...
so... the 1590B is at risk... but I don't care :)

here is where I am with the layout.... (uploaded)


----------- and v1.6    (27x21)


----------- and v1.7   (26x21)


I think I'll post it at the nabble-guitarfx site... (images can be updated there)


I've just realized that this server is at nabble, too :)