up/down pitch stretching pedal?

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up/down pitch stretching pedal?

I had a request that's outside my wheelhouse.

Suggestions much appreciated, thanks Mike

"I have been inspired by the EQD Astral Destiny that I picked up. It has a switch that controls a multi-modulation effect, that does a tone stretch, which I don’t need for this, and a touch controlled pitch shift, which I do want for this. Essentially, as you press the switch, it engages a pitch shift, and if you hold it longer, it stretches the bend into the lower/higher pitch.

They use what they call a Flexi-Switch, which from what I understand, is programmed to do an immediate change with a short push; and a momentary stretch engages with a long push.
Would you be able to make a pedal that has a 3 button configuration, using a clone of this type of switch, so the switch on the left would pitch shift down, and the switch on the right, in a similar fashion would pitch shift up. The switch in the middle would use a short push to “reset” back to the dry signal, while a long push would slowly bend/stretch back to the dry signal.

Also, maybe being able to have 2 levels to the down and up shifts, so the first push would do a half octave, and the second would do another half octave, putting you a full octave from the dry signal. I would like to have multiple LED’s to indicate which semitone is engaged.

I’m sure this one is a little more complicated, but would be really cool if you can pull it off. And would save a ton of room in comparison to running 2 Digitech Whammy’s. Let me know. "
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